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We provide our clients with the following Asset Management and Advisory services:

Asset Management Services
Additional Services
Performance Monitoring
(day by day)
Accounting & Tax
Contracts Management
Main Contracts Management
Investment Advisory
Site Security
Loans Administration
Hedging Strategy
O&M Tender Notice
Relationship with Authority
Other Extra-Ordinary
Portfolio Operations

Solar Investment Group has the following advantages:

Independent Professional Team:
- Thanks to an en extremely capable and professional team, Salar Investment Group has acquired over 50MW of renewables assets in the last three years, all of which is now under management
- We carry out both technical and financial evaluation in-house
- We are also currently raising Real Asset Energy Fund III, the new global Fund focused on Renewable Power Production.

Asset Management:
- We have profound knowledge of technical (including full contracts management) and administrative (including loan administration) asset management
- We have developed a unique and specialist method of monitoring of the power generation performance of the plants on a daily basis.
- We use customised systems to monitor the real-time power production of each plant.

- Having worked in the sector for many years, we have acquired fundamental skills in evaluating potential opportunities in the energy market
- This experience allows us to identify which opportunities to pursue, which ones to put on the backburner and most importantly which ones to dimiss immediately
- Thanks to the established network that the company has built up in the Italian and EU/US markets over the years, continuous deal flow is guaranteed.

Business Development:
- Solar Investment Group is very active in international markets, particularly in Saudi Arabia, with an effective strategy designed to scout out the best opportunities in the solar sector. For more information see: www.raef-me.com
- Our business development team constantly monitors the solar markets to spot the best investment opportunities as soon as they appear.

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